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Our portfolio

Since 2015, Nextrans has proudly invested in 33 promising startups in Vietnam. We support in early-stage startups in diverse sectors.



Tiki is an e-commerce company that specializes in the end-to-end supply chain and partnering with brands. Tiki is also the fastest-growing retail company in Vietnam and is well-positioned to be an industry winner. The company achieves the highest customer satisfaction rate and the lowest return rate among all e-commerce players in Vietnam due to its capability to control the end-to-end supply chain, from partnering with brands to deliver high-quality merchandise to managing warehouse and logistics to processing payments and providing superior customer service.


Base is Asia's first open platform for enterprise which provides a comprehensive solution that optimizes and enhances enterprise operations. Base’s products are the integration of all the apps ranging from production planning, scheduling, execution, to process tracking in your workplace in one place.


Reaching top 1 CV Writing Platform in Vietnam, TopCV is now the leading connector between recruiters and candidates. Along with the purpose of maximizing support for users to create professional CVs and providing job seekers a wide choice of jobs, TopCV also specializes in recruitment services focused on fresh graduates and mid-career candidates.



Founded in 2018, BuyMed is a Vietnamese pharmaceutical distribution platform with the goal of transforming the traditional pharmaceutical distribution network in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to build an integrated health ecosystem that no one else has dared to build - ecosystems designed to improve the health and wellbeing of practitioners and their patients by democratizing supply chains and technology.

download-3.jpg.png is the platform that connects freelancers with employers to address mutant needs, a distinctive feature of the modern economy. It also recognizes that existing solutions of traditional outsourcing do not meet these pressing needs. Meanwhile, Vietnam has up to 20 million self-employed workers and about 8 million home workers without pay. The service aims to open and connect effectively and intelligently this huge human resources with businesses.



eDoctor - the technology company providing medical solutions in Vietnam is participating in Google Launchpad and Facebook Start. With the mission of providing easy, convenient and high-quality healthcare environment, eDoctor has built a large user community and become a trusted partner by hundreds of businesses. As the first mobile application to provide proactive health care in Vietnam, eDoctor makes it easy to connect users and doctors easily anytime, anywhere.



bTaskee is a pioneer in applying the technology into the domestic work industry in Vietnam, allowing you and your housekeepers to actively post and receive jobs directly on the application. Only 60 seconds to operate on the application, bTaskee helps you find your house helper that match your criteria in a variety of utility services.




FinFan is a cross-border remittance platform. With an enthusiastic team, FinFan's goal is to eliminate the time, costs, and the task of dividing their corridor development among banks, post offices, telecommunication companies or financial institutions and provide money on the move with many services to final destinations across the country.




Azota is a platform that helps teachers assign and grade assignments to students in just 5 minutes.  Scoring students' assignments is no longer difficult and inconvenient, teachers only need a smartphone that can mark assignments at any time with a few steps, then the results will be returned to students and parents.



Chopp is a Grocery Delivery with an aim to become a company that manages and distributes “End to End” fresh grocery delivery with “the best quality within an hour”. Recently, Chopp has successfully partnered with big marts to expand to “Hanoi and Da Nang”.  After the investment, it is planning for launching “SNS-based joint discount purchase, Big Mart delivery, regional expansion, B2B expansion”.



A data-based Proptech in terms of online property information and data platform for brokerages, valuation, and with “real-time data including the price for property”.  Citics has already launched property valuation services, and plans to launch brokerage platform for connecting brokers and users.


unnamed (1).png

Specialized in Van Transportation, GoDee targets for fixed and optimized routes by van for “commute, school bus which is occasional travel” like public transportation. They want to provide Vietnamese daily commuters with a transportation option that combines the comfort and efficiency of ride-hailing services on the one hand, and the cheap costs of public transportation on the other. Their vision is to build a modern transportation system for the emerging cities of the world by using technology. 



WeCare is known as a famous Mom & Baby community and the first community for sharing information on infant and childcare in Vietnam. They create a community of 600,000 "childcare-related women" and hold 10 million Q&As and a large amount of content.  Also, WeCare has transformed into a community-based infant product sales commerce. 



VDES is an Event location and service booking platform with “online consultation for all steps” for one-stop booking and management. Their first launched target is the new wedding market. For the next phase, they are about to approach other events which are annual and occasional for frequent revenue to increase the coverage.



Papaya is created to protect the financial assets for millions of people across South East Asia through insurance products. Their core product is used data and technology to improve the century-old industry and provide valuable safety nets for customers. Focusing on pioneering new ways of creating, distributing, and servicing insurance products for the digital age, Papaya serves as the crucial bridge for insurers to reach a new demographic of young consumers, who have become distant with insurance products, via digital means. 



EcoTruck is a tech start-up in the logistics industry with an aim to increase the efficiency of a very outdated industry under a Sharing Economy model with transparency and a lot of operational localization for the Vietnam market. By means of cutting-edge technologies with data, EcoTruck streamlines operations and saves costs for both merchants and vendors.



Infina is Vietnam's leading retail investing app (like Robinbood, Groww, Ajaib), designed for young investors in a country of 100M. Its mission is to make investing accessible, frictionless, and safe. The platform is multi-asset, offering stock trading, mutual funds, and fixed-income products, with more asset classes to be added. Infina was founded by James L. Vuong, a Silicon Valley engineer turned VC investor and serial entrepreneur with a prior successful exit. 



Founded in 2020, Giitho has become the leading educational platform that focuses on training and learning professional skills for office workers in Vietnam. Its mission is to democratize the opportunities for career development to millions of people.

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Selex Motors

Selex Motors was officially established in 2018, with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world through popularizing electric vehicles and putting green energy into transportation. Selex is manufacturing e-motorcycles and creating an e-bike ecosystem that includes batteries and battery-swapping systems to address pain points in logistics, transportation, fuel consumption, and battery swapping flexibility.



Founded in 2015, Hoozing has become a pioneer company creating a transparent real estate market and promoting transactions in Vietnam easily and quickly through a technology-based breakthrough led by a team of top experts. Hoozing has launched a series of products: Hoozing App, online real estate buying & selling application, and Hoozing Agent, online platform that connects and trades with over 10,000 market agents



Ecomobi is a publisher centric platform that connects worldwide partners and clients to SouthEast Asia and Emerging market by building and operating a leading technology system as a local network. Continuously improving and providing innovation solutions, the company’s vision is to be a great multinational and data service leader in Asia.


vuihoc_logo_final.png is the leading online learning platform in Vietnam, following the textbook program from basic to advanced.
With continuous efforts and improvements, Vuihoc is honored to be the only educational institution to enter the Top 10 of the Viettel Advanced Solution Track 2019.

Flex Money


Flex provides technology and financial solutions, helping merchants and businesses optimize business performance. Flex software can operate with thousands of orders without confusion or loss of cash, providing sellers and businesses with quick financial management and effective order management solutions.

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