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Most active Korean Venture Capital in Asia

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Our mission is to create a global network of talented and passionate founders in the pursuit of world-changing impact. We want to transform the lives of human race by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and empowering disruptive startups on timeless philosophy “Trust, Sharing and Passion”

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In the years ahead, we shall maintain our primary focus on Korean and Vietnamese market. We have a burning desire to build up our portfolio into a strong startup ecosystem and cultivate the next generation of mighty founders. Following our ultimate vision, a wide variety of activities have been carried out in recent times on a frequent basis including: seminars, workshop, networking events with partners and founders, Venture Management course for undergraduates/graduates etc.

Our journey in Vietnam


Our first investment 

in Vietnam startup


Bring big Korean partners to the country


30+ companies in portfolio


Establish the first VC Foundation Program in Vietnam


Launch $50M fund

focus on Vietnam market

The Story of Nextrans

Nextrans has supported more than 100 startups around the world since 2004 and started investment in Vietnam startups from 2015.
We understand that starting startup is not easy way because it is the attempt to change the world by introducing very new things that were not there before and that's why we are seeking for the passionate founders having unparalleled execution ability and fortitude. Nextrans is not just put capital but also continue to provide various resources that startups are in need. 


Sangmin (Eddy) Hong

Chief Executive Officer

He has 20 years of experience in the venture capital industry and has led his own investment company, Nextrans since 2004. He invested in more than 50 startups in Korea, the US, and Vietnam and supported more than 100 startups raising cross-border capital. He also invests in healthcare and cleantech startups located in Silicon Valley and Boston to connect them to the Asia market.

Startup Application Form

Let us know more about your startup by answering some questions and sending us your most updated pitch deck, so we can proceed further more efficiently. The more detailed information you provide, the more chance for us to know your potential

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Our Portfolio

Since the entrance in 2014, Nextrans has been one of the most active VCs with progressive expansion in our portfolio

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